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  • Central Government has budgeted Rs. 13.30 Crore for jail improvement activities.
  • Offset printing press has been setup at Central Jails of Raipur and Bilaspur.
  • Steps have been initiated to provide relief to the effected party to the extent of 50% of the prisoner's wages.
  • 2019 prisoners were granted remission by the government on various national festivals.
  • Training was given to women prisoners in Manufacture of Candle, Rakhi, Chalk and Cottages industries. Typing and Computer training was also given.
  • Prisoners were given training in music and band groups groups were formed at Central Jails of Ambikapur and Jagdalpur.
  • Separate kitchen has been started for women prisoners at District Jail Raigarh.
  • The 6 children of women prisoners of Central Jail, Raipur were admitted at a Public School in the city.
  • 7 officers of the Jail administration in Chhattisgarh were awarded with President's Medal.
  • Budgetary provision has been provided of Rs. 8 Lacs for computerization of Central and District Jails.
  • Stitching Work has been Started in all Central Jails Orders From out of jails are also entertained
  • In central Jail Ambikapur Furniture, Dari Udyog has been started.
  • Power looms have been supplied to central jails.
  • Emporium has been started at Jail Head Quarters where manufactured articles of jails are displayed
  • Kitchen of Central jails are renewed by way of Flooring, wall plastering, gas connection etc.
  • Submersible pumps have been purchased & supplied in jails for adequate arrangement of water for prisoners.
  • Approach roads have been prepared; electrification & flooring work has been done in jails.
  • Construction of new jails at Sakti, Muangeli & Sarangarh is under process.
  • For Construction of residential Quarters at deferent jails Rs. 2,14,04,300 has been released to concerning agencies.
  • At Manendragarh new jail has been started on 17.02.2004.
  • New Interview hall has been inaugurated on 22.05.2004 where 16 new Interview windows are there at central jail Raipur
  • Monthly Training programe for warders has been started at jail campus Raipur
  • cyron & walky-talky system has been provided to the jails, which are situated at naksilite area.
  • Flore mill has been established at district jail Durg.
  • Nuboliser has been provided for jail hospital Raipur
  • C.C. TV system has been provided at Sub jail Dantewada & Sukma .
  • CCTV System has been provided at central jail raipur.
  • Video Conferencing system has been established at central jail raipur, jagdalpur, bilaspur, ambikapur, district jail kanker, jashpur and sub jail ramanujganj.
  • Hand held metal detector, Digital Camera, Computer, Printer, UPS, AC, FAX machine, Photo Copier has been provided to all jails.
  • Ambulance has been provided to all jails.
  • 25 Watch Tower has been constructed.
  • Modernized kitchen unit has been started at raipur central jail.
  • Highmast lights has been provided at central jail, ambikapur, jagdalpur and district jail dantewada.

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